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Aircraft Information for N6684CR

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Boeing 767-300ER(B767) Range: 6310miles
Max Cargo: 0lbs Max Passengers: 299pax
Weight: 400.000lbs Max Cruise Alt: 43.100ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 65247.73lbs Total fuel used: 8155966lbs Fuel consumption rate: 26.79lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 26.79miles Total Flight Distance: 304405miles Average Revenue: $-273823.29
Total Revenue: $-34227911.64 Total Expenses: $1108556.03 Date of Purchase: Wednesday 15 February 2017

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
CRC 023 TNCM MROC Steven Gonzalez Moreno 1321miles $-141296 --200ft/min
CRA 1874 MROC EDDF Gregory Badilla 5057miles $-228607 --560ft/min
CRA 2054 MROC EDDF Gregory Badilla 5057miles $-294363 --566ft/min
CRC 023 SKBO LEBL Steven Gonzalez Moreno 4602miles $-568178 --408ft/min
CRA 1676 MROC EDDF Gregory Badilla 5057miles $-283544 --514ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
CRC 023 SAWH NZAA Time Time 4417.98miles 0
CRC 023 MROC FHAW Time Time 4315.24miles 0
CRC 023 NFFN MROC Time Time 6064.88miles 0
CRC 023 UUEE MROC Time Time 5911.29miles 0
CRC 023 SAEZ HTDA Time Time 5552.22miles 0
CRC 013 SAEZ NZAA Time Time 5574.38miles 0
CRC 023 LSZH RJAA Time Time 5186.45miles 0
CRC 023 RJAA BIKF Time Time 4769.16miles 0
CRC 931 SKBO MNMG Time Time 842.661miles 0
CRC 967 MUHA MHLM Time Time 550.419miles 0
CRC 918 MUHA MNMG Time Time 686.563miles 0
CRA 7878 MROC SUMU TIME TIME 3135.57miles 0
CRC 023 MROC LEZL Time Time 4490.12miles 0
CRA C013 SAEZ NZAA TIME TIME 5574.38miles 0
CRA C047 SAWH NZAA TIME TIME 4417.98miles 0
CRA C048 UUEE MROC TIME TIME 5911.29miles 0
CRA C053 SAEZ HTDA TIME TIME 5552.22miles 0
CRA C057 MROC FHAW TIME TIME 4315.24miles 0
CRA C062 NFFN MROC TIME TIME 6064.88miles 0
CRA C068 LSZH RJAA TIME TIME 5186.45miles 0
CRA C076 RJAA BIKF TIME TIME 4769.16miles 0
CRA C083 MROC LEZL TIME TIME 4490.12miles 0
CRA C273 MUHA MNMG TIME TIME 686.563miles 0
CRA C275 SKBO MNMG TIME TIME 842.661miles 0
CRA C277 MUHA MHLM TIME TIME 550.419miles 0
CRA C278 MNMG KMIA TIME TIME 885.582miles 0
CRC 2983 MMMX MUHA Time Time 957miles 0
CRC 077 MMMX LEMD Time Time 4900miles 0
CRC 077 OJAI LTBA Time Time 655miles 0
CRC 023 EDDM FIMP Time Time 4815miles 0
CRC 023 MROC NZAA Time Time 6295miles 0

Aircraft Rentability