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Aircraft Information for TI-CRP

Basic Information

No Images Available Type: Boeing 737-700 ( B73) Range: 3010miles
Max Cargo: 187700lbs Max Passengers: 149pax
Weight: 80.2lbs Max Cruise Alt: 41000ft
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Detailed Information

Average fuel use per flight: 11681.27lbs Total fuel used: 4789319lbs Fuel consumption rate: 15.36lbs/mile
Average Flight Distance per flight: 15.36miles Total Flight Distance: 311782miles Average Revenue: $78512.17
Total Revenue: $32189990.26 Total Expenses: $6610615.6 Date of Purchase: Thursday 01 January 1970

Most recent flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Pilot In Command Distance Revenue Landing Rate
CRC 8945 TNCM SKBQ Leopoldo Machuca 803miles $-70341.9 --230ft/min
CRA C130 MPTO MGGT Mauricio Villalobos Barboza 734miles $-202374 --312ft/min
CRA 188 SPIM SLLP Mauricio Vargas 586miles $137313 -0ft/min
CRA 2206 MPTO SPIM Mauricio Vargas 1275miles $-48546.4 --156ft/min
CRA 2228 MNMG MPTO Mauricio Vargas 441miles $-25601.2 --220ft/min

Scheduled Flights

Flight Number Departure Arrival Dep time Arr time Distance Flight Duration
CRB 008 KSFO KLAS TIME TIME 360.112miles 0
CRF 9097 MROC MHRO 403.453miles 0.0694444
CRF 9098 MHRO MROC 403.453miles 0.0694444
CRF 9101 MROC MSLP 352.519miles 0.0451389
CRF 9102 MSLP MROC 352.519miles 0.0486111
CRF 9115 MROC MMAA 994.945miles 0.0902778
CRF 9116 MMAA MROC 994.945miles 0.0902778
CRF 9127 MROC MKJP 644.126miles 0.0555556
CRF 9128 MKJP MROC 644.126miles 0.0555556
CRF 9131 MROC MDSD 986.448miles 0.0868056
CRF 9132 MDSD MROC 986.448miles 0.0902778
CRF 9137 MROC TNCM 1320.62miles 0.118056
CRF 9138 TNCM MROC 1320.62miles 0.118056
CRF 9141 SEGS MROC 725miles 0.0625
CRF 9142 MROC SEGS 725miles 0.0659722
CRC 055 MNMG MPTO Time Time 441.215miles 1.2
CRC 015 MROC LSZS Time Time 5142.17miles 0
CRC 015 MRLB MPTO Time Time 376.149miles 0
CRC 015 MRLB MGGT Time Time 377.963miles 0
CRC 037 MNMG KIAH Time Time 1188.21miles 0
CRC 026 MGGT MROC Time Time 462.209miles 1
CRC 042 FCBB FYWH Time Time 1103.58miles 0
CRC 042 MROC MGGT Time Time 462.209miles 0
CRC 038 MPTO MGGT Time Time 734.193miles 0
CRC 038 LIMC EIDW Time Time 746.787miles 0
CRC 038 MPDA MZBZ Time Time 648.403miles 0
CRA C017 MRLB MPTO TIME TIME 376.149miles 0
CRA C018 MRLB MGGT TIME TIME 377.963miles 0
CRA C023 MROC LSZS TIME TIME 5142.17miles 0
CRA C096 MGGT MROC TIME TIME 462.209miles 1
CRA C102 MNMG KIAH TIME TIME 1188.21miles 0
CRA C128 LIMC EIDW TIME TIME 746.787miles 0
CRA C130 MPTO MGGT TIME TIME 734.193miles 0
CRA C138 MPDA MZBZ TIME TIME 648.403miles 0
CRA C145 MROC MPTO TIME TIME 291.346miles 0
CRA C163 FCBB FYWH TIME TIME 1103.58miles 0
CRA C173 MROC MGGT TIME TIME 462.209miles 0
CRA C179 SKSP TNCC TIME TIME 748.92miles 0
CRA C199 MNMG MPTO TIME TIME 441.215miles 1.2
CRC 047 MPTO MHTG Time Time 550miles 0
CRC 020 MMLP MMTJ Time Time 617miles 0
CRC 54845 MSLP SKBQ Time Time 852miles 0

Aircraft Rentability