MROC information

Hub ICAO: MROC Airport Name: Juan Santamaria International Airport MROC
Latitude: 9.99386 Longtitude: -84.2088
Hub Manager:

MROC map

MROC stats

Number of Pilots: 32
Number of Flights Flown: 975
Number of Routes Flown From MROC: 694
Total Miles Flown: 1199897nm
Total Hours Flown: 2825
Total Fuel Used: 18030560lbs

Pilot Roster for MROC

Country Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Group Vatsim ID/IVAO ID Active
Costa Rica CRA001 Jose Antonio Gonzalez Staff 58 5197.24 Active
Costa Rica CRA003 Johnsell Soto Staff 62 5148.46 Active
Costa Rica CRA005 Luis Guillermo Carmona Major Captain 25 2140.48 Active
Nicaragua CRA006 Evelio Herrera Major Captain 74 490.57 Active
Costa Rica CRA008 Gregory Badilla Major Captain 33 732.42 Active
Costa Rica CRA013 Adrian Cruz Major Captain 151 818.16 Active
Costa Rica CRA015 Dr Guillermo Fallas Quesada Staff 226 5805.46 Active
Costa Rica CRA019 ALLAN HODGSON Comercial Pilot Medium (CPM) 39 27.33 Active
Mexico CRA020 Francisco Villavicencio Major Captain 10 580.53 Active
Nicaragua CRA021 Carlos Escobar Staff 68 5142.14 Active
Costa Rica CRA022 Mauricio Villalobos Barboza Major Captain 80 1196.57 Active
Costa Rica CRA023 Steven Gonzalez Moreno Staff 210 6086.49 Active
Costa Rica CRA024 Steven Montero Private Pilot (PP) 18 18.32 Active
Costa Rica CRA026 Andres Cruz Comercial Pilot Heavy (CPH) 35 114.35 Active
Ecuador CRA028 Sebastián Vallejo Major Captain 28 418.37 Active
Peru CRA029 JUAN DIEGO MASIAS CANAVAL Major Captain 43 502.15 Active
Costa Rica CRA031 Philippe Ramirez Major Captain 6 414.01 Active
Bolivia CRA033 Mauricio Vargas Staff 72 5186.11 Active
Costa Rica CRA036 Luis V Aguilar Major Captain 149 1283.46 Active
Costa Rica CRA037 Gregory Waid Major Captain 243 1285.54 Active
Costa Rica CRA038 Diego Miranda Major Captain 127 670.33 Active
United States CRA042 Luis Porras Major Captain 180 823.11 Active
Ecuador CRA045 Isaac Benitez Major Captain 22 399.37 Active
Ecuador CRA047 Daniel Llive Comercial Pilot Heavy (CPH) 17 149.09 Active
Venezuela CRA054 Fran Salazar Private Pilot (PP) 9 22.45 On Leave
United States CRA055 David Jimenez Captain 86 256.12 Active
Peru CRA056 Eduardo Pando Comercial Pilot Heavy (CPH) 29 125.04 Active
Costa Rica CRA059 Kevin Chacón Comercial Pilot Heavy (CPH) 110 171.49 Active
Canada CRA060 Andrew Welke Major Captain 98 636.49 Active

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