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Average Landing

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Avg Landing: -248 FPM


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Posted by Steven Gonzalez Moreno on 11/07/2019



DISCORD de la compañia,

VAtsim Online

Call Sign CID Real Name Aircraft
CRAZY501107410Chris GalemoreTEX2/G

Our Flights

Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
CRC7474Luis V AguilarMGGTSKBOB747-400F02.49-296 ft/mAccepted
CRC7416Luis V AguilarSEQMTJBQB747-8F03.13-414 ft/mAccepted
CRA1591Mauricio Villalobos Barboza MROCSAEZA340-60003.51-430 ft/mRejected
CRC8615Luis V AguilarMGGTSEQMB747-8F02.57-185 ft/mAccepted
CRHC126Kevin ChacónMPTOMROCBOEING 757-301.10-459 ft/mAccepted
CRC86Luis V AguilarKMIAMGGTB747-8F02.24-228 ft/mAccepted
CRA1212Luis V AguilarMGGTMROCATR 72-50002.100 ft/mAccepted
CRH1Jose Antonio GonzalezEDDMVTBSB777F10.30 ft/mAccepted
CRC9845Leopoldo MachucaKISPKBOSB737-70000.34-68 ft/mAccepted
CRC6341Adrian CruzMMTPMROC C208EX03.15-159 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

There are no pilots online!


Pilots: 19
Total Airline Hours: 21,277
Flights: 6,694
Flights Today: 3
Miles Flown: 8,246,531
Aircraft: 98
Passengers: 49,004,626
Routes: 4590

Newest Pilots

CRA115 Johnny Martinez
CRA114 Roldan Calderon
CRA113 Axel Novoa
CRA111 Jeffrey Azofeifa Rodriguez
CRA108 Philippe Ramirez